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Thread: Profit Formulas & P&L

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    Exclamation Profit Formulas & P&L

    Hey All,

    Real quick question. Are there any industry formulas for calculating profits? For example you make XX off each bottle of liquor and XX from each Keg and XX from each case? I realize the costs will always differ I am looking more at percents.

    Would anyone be willing to post a P&L statement for their bar?

    I am looking to open a "watering hole" in Indiana. It is a franchise. I know they will provide most of the potential profit info to me but I like to run my own numbers...

    I would like to see expected fixed and variable costs.

    Thanks in advance...

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    I dont know if there are standards but for my place our liquor and beer cost is between 22.5-23 %. my beers are almost all at 20% my bottle cost is 1.04 i sell it for 5.00. liqour on the other hand has higher mark ups. my well vodka costs 6.25 i get 22 drinks out of it at 6.00 each i think its close to 4.5% cost.

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