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Thread: What are the best ways to promote?

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    What are the best ways to promote?

    What are the best ways to promote. Below are what we are doing now. We are the only people in town that use flyers for events. It worked well in the summer but now i feel like people are taking it as spam. I tend to come back to the same spots the next night to find flyers layin around in the parkinglot at certain places. We are promoting tues nights, and 2 diff venues for thurs nights which are the hardest night in town due to a bar that has held it for a while. The tues night venue has a bad rep but in the summer while running a beer pong tourney/bikini contest weekly party did very well. Once summer was through it got old. Then thurs night we do another Ladies Night at a well known venue but not known as a dancing venue. We are on week 3 this week with last week having double the people from the first week which got no promotion. The owner says sales were up 20% from first week which i feel with double the people isnt good. I also Dj this night im finding it hard to get people dancing. It is a venue with a jukebox that normally plays rock and country. I start out with rock/country then go into pop/top40. I mange to get a few people dancing but not alot. Im really trying to figure out new ways to promote that will draw a crowd. We put out around 1200 flyers a week of all the nights. Is putting 2 dif flyers on a car car good or bad? Goto my myspace page to see the flyers.

    2500 4x6 postcards at all the bars most of the week, gas stations, and stores
    Myspace auto messenger program once a week to around 2000 people in the area
    Myspace page with flyers on it and buls

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    my advice: think 'online'

    Yes, paper flyers are still a mainstay of the business, but a good opt-in e-mail list is now the most powerful promotional tool. If you don't have one, START one.

    You should also have a good list of all the nightlife and events websites in your area, and be posting on every one of them.

    You're using a MySpace messager program... good! Now keep growing your MySpace friends list. 2000 is great... 10,000 is better.

    Do a web search for "nightclub ratings" or "nightclub reviews" to find websites where you can promote your club.

    A lot of research shows that the Internet has become the primary source for information and entertainment, especially with the younger deomgraphics, so put your pormotional efforts where the people are looking. - Make sure Your Club is Listed -

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    I use Constant Contact for an Opt-In Email List. Its great. I can see who opened the email, who didn't, and how many times they opened the email. They also give a trial period of 60 days or 100 people.

    Myspace is fairly useless in attracting real people, however, it can create a buzz and get word of mouth going. Summer months typically do better in bars/clubs in any case because people want to get out. Plus right now we are getting close to the Holiday season so its really tough to get people out there on a weeknight when they have been spending money on gifts, plane tickets, and hotels.

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    Hire Someone Who Knows The Market !

    Stoping wasting your time and money and hire an experienced seasoned veteran !



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    Promoting Your Club

    1. Word of mouth - still the number one promotion - Your employees and regulars should at the very least be asked to help in this area.

    2. Flyers in targeted areas and/or cross promoted areas such as restaurants which have your target market. You hand out their flyers, coupons, lunch cards, etc. and in exchange they hand out stuff for you with each check, etc.

    3. Web site with opt in e-mail and/or blog (after approved and viewed by management) - Have your web site updated at least weekly and add photos from each week so that your patrons will go to the web site to view their photos and then see what is going on, etc.

    4. Over a one month period have a drawing for something major where everyone coming in will fill out a registration with name, address, e-mail, etc. One suggestion would be a drawing for restaurant gift certificates where you team up with local restaurants (again, those with your clientelle) and you exchange information or hold the drawing at all locations to ingather additional e-mail addresses.

    5. Use MySpacecom,, etc.

    6. Make sure if you have a local magazine or weekly paper that lists nightlife and entertainment that you have your establishment listed along with phone, website and nightly events if permitted.

    7. See what advertising you can do on trade - for example -- radio station draws daily from callers for 2 free VIP tickets to your establishment compliments of the station - you get a daily free radio add in exchange for VIP tickets and/or comp. tab.

    8. Co-Advertise -- again, use a good local starter bar or restaurant to cross promote or cut your add / radio / tv / billboard / Roving Ad Board costs in 1/2 - Example, Dine at Applebees on Thursday nights and show your receipt at xxx for 1/2 cover charge.

    9. Have weekly posters up in local businesses in exchange for posters for their businesses located at your club - Restroom advertsising w/posters in stalls and over urinals, near sinks, etc.

    10. Business cards for all staff members - and/or these can be used on certain nights as well to drive business that can be tracked back to the employee who is sending in the customers.

    11. List your business, phone, website on all sites that rate bars, etc. as well as local sites within your market.

    12. Four walls marketing - make sure within your establishment that all of your marketing materials are constantly updated and are prominently dispalayed as you enter, restrooms, as you exit and on POS materials such as calendars, table tents, etc. Every night a guest is in your establishment, the materials should cover upcoming events.

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