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Thread: Setting up BYOB Club

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    Setting up BYOB Club

    Hey guys,

    I have a great opportunity to open a brand new club (has had a few parties there before but not very well known)
    It only has 225 legal capacity, but still a decent size..

    However, they do not have a liquor license. So it's BYOB only.

    We need to make $2,500, and anything following that is profit (for the promoter, the initial 2.5 goes to the owners)

    So at $10/pp, $2,250

    So we need to figure out what to charge

    We can charge people for the alcohol they bring in, cause we store it behind the bar and can give it to them as needed.

    so let's say they bring a 6-pack. They buy it for $7. I charge $1/beer they bring in.
    That's $10 cover, plus $6, $16 for the kid to walk in with a 6-pack. He'd normally pay about $2-3/beer. So for 6, it's costing him $14 rather than $13-18 a bar would normally cost. And of course buying a 30-rack would be more cost effective for them, and we'd store the beer there for the week.

    But then there's hard liquors too, running off that same example type..

    But just throwing out general ideas, what do you think would work? I can also serve food and have 1-2 VIP areas

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    CAUTION! You could be in Deep Dodo!

    The idea is great, but there are a number of agencies that will be on your case BIG TIME! Be sure to contact your local or state liquor control people first. I know that laws vary greatly from state to state, but I feel positive that no state would allow this without a proper license. I am familar with California and Indiana laws, and they would absolutely forbid BYOB. That used to be very successful when I was attending college parties...but I know it was illegal.

    Other things you need to be aware of are liability issues-you would need insurance,but would not be able to get it on this type of a venture without meeting the required criteria. Have you checked with the landlord? He might be opening himself up for a number of lawsuits should there be an accident as a result of people drinking at your establishment inspite of the fact that it is their own liquor that they have consumed.

    Consider that you will need police protections, so contact the local chief of police. Also, be aware that you may be held liable for minors consuming alcohol. These are all things that you need look into before opening the doors to your establishment.

    Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

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    I agree with what Warehouse has to say. The liquor/beer laws vary from state to state, so you have to be extremely careful or risk getting your establishment shut down.

    Aside from the laws, it does sound like a neat concept. If I'm not mistaken, there are a few burger joints/restaurants in NYC where customers can bring their own beer. However, their law abiding is questionable. As warehouse mentioned, I would contact the local authorities to see what you can and can't do.

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    The input is much appreciated and a real good idea.. I'll find all that out asap. Still gotta figure out if it'd be possible for me to make it through a night without losing money lol, but finding out if it'll be legally safe is first priority now.. Thanks

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    i don't think it will work. because, 1.people have to plan ahead to go to your club. 2. someone who doesn't will be turned off in 1 min and want their $ back. 3. how will you know what all 225 (considering your full) brought in and have left ? 4. your gonna have problems with 50% of the people wanting to take the left over stuff home. 5. if it's booze and open it's probably illegal to to allow it out and i know it's illegal to have it in a car. 6. the providence police are not like it even if it's legal. good luck.

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    I agree with all of the responses posted above. Have I seen BYOB operations work? Yes! These are usually very small after hours places with strict policies to abide with the local laws. Have I seen these types of venues last very long? No!

    The time of the "Rave" is so long over ( I made killing with them ) so much so that there are laws against them. Yes I know your not talking about a rave , but what you want to do on a relatively large scale I have never seen or heard word of one that was successful after the initial run. Maybe you will be the "One" to make it happen, but it is gonna piss off all the college frat houses, high school keg party and crack house operators in the area.

    Good luck and let us know what the outcome is.

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    I think it would cause a lot of headache and more trouble then its worth for you and your management to keep track and store all of it.

    off topic:

    Raves still go on. Ive been to field raves in the middle of no where. They just classify them as events now with top 10 DJ's. Its not like back in the day where the rave was secret and only major people who did drugs knew about it.

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